Let's talk about the secret behind our deliciously fresh milk

With a wide range of dairy and business expertise, Moo Moo Farms has cultivated an operating system that works perfectly in Cambodia. Our cows, feed, operating system and “know how” are the perfect combination to maximize success in beginning the dairy industry in Cambodia.

Our Cows

Our 8 generation cows have been perfectly bred to produce the highest quality milk and still manage well in the hot, humid climate of Cambodia. They are extremely well taken care of and are watched over 24 hours a day.

Our Feed

Our locally bought and prepared organic feed not only provides optimal nutrition for the cows, but also promotes local farming enterprise. Due to large quantities of feed consumption, our dairy has been able to provide job opportunities to local farmers.

Our Expertise

Members of the Moo Moo Farms team include experts in the fields of Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and most importantly Dairy Science. When it comes to working with dairy cows, our team has over 50 years of “know how” and is equipped with extensive work experience in the dairy industry. Months and years of preparation have gone into strategically planning out how to optimize success in this brand new Cambodian industry.