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What is the difference between Moo Moo Farms milk and the milk I buy at the grocery store?

All over Cambodia, milk is sold that can sit on a shelf for months without being refrigerated. This type of milk is called ultra-heat-treated milk, or UHT. UHT milk is cooked at such a high temperature that much of the nutritional content and nearly all of the original flavor is lost. Since UHT milk is essentially burned, it can sit on a shelf for months at a time without spoiling. This type of milk is good when refrigeration is not an option. Our fresh milk is cooked at a substantially lower temperature and for less time, thus ensuring great taste and more nutritional content. It is important to note that all milk from Moo Moo Farms must be refrigerated.

Is Moo Moo Milk pasteurized?

Yes. Due to Cambodian regulations, all of Moo Moo Milk is currently being pasteurized to ensure quality and safety.

What is the difference between raw milk and pasteurized milk?

Raw milk is extracted from the cows, filtered, chilled, and bottled. There is no “cooking,” also known as pasteurization.

Pasteurized milk is extracted from the cows, “cooked” in a pasteurizing machine to thoroughly clean the milk, chilled, and bottled.

What type of cows do you milk?

Our cows are eight- to nine-generation specialty bred cows. These specialty cows are 90% Holstein with a 10% mix of local SEA cattle (primarily Brahman). They are the perfect combination of cattle breed that can acclimate well to the heat and humidity without compromising production and quality.

What do the cows eat?

Grass and corn are the predominant base for the feed. The feed is then chopped into a TMR (Total Mix Ration) of organic feed to benefit cow health and production. All of the feed is organic and supplied by local farmers.